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October 09, 2014


Catherine Constance

Looks like you all had so much fun, wish I had been there. I was lucky enough to meet Jane and Angus this summer. They are great. Lovin' all your accents... :)

Art by Jenny

So happy for you!!! It sounds and looks like a totally amazing "holiday" work trip. Byron Bay is beautiful and I love how Jane has her workshops on her deck (just like I do!). Your photos look happy and arty... just as life should be!!! I bet your family had a wonderful time too :) Come back to Oz again soon!!!

Amber Sheaves

Thank you for sharing this with us!!! What a wonderful trip!

Paula Haynes

wow what an awesome experience. I am happy for you and glad that you felt so good while you were there. Stress is our number one challenge with fibro and looks like you found the key to not having any there. Blessings and hope one day to do something like this. You and Jane are so beautiful and your art is gorgeous as well.


Thank you Christy,jane with you my two favorite artists !!!
Good day
Dominique de France


Hi Christy, Glad you had a fab time in my home land. Love your pics. Love your art.

Jo Freeman

I am so happy to hear your time here in Austrslia was so good for you and your family. I know I was blessed being just a small part of your time here. The one day retreat was perfect in every way. It has inspired me in ways I never thought possible. I look forward to your return sometime next year. Maybe oneday I'll be able to convince you to teach at one of my soulful retreats held not too far in land from Byron Bay. Thank you doesn't seem enough but truly I am grateful to you, Ben and all your kids for the gift you gave a bunch of Aussie arty women. You are simply awesome. xx Jo

JAne Davenport

It was the best of times... and the workshops were wonderful! So much gorgeous art and fun times. I miss you like crazy my friend! xoxox JAne


what a fantastic trip. thank you for sharing it with us. Maybe some day I'll get to visit down under too :-)

Heidi hines

Yay I can't wait!!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us. You guys had a great time!! You deserve it!!😘

Susan Schultheis

WOWSERS! What a great trip. The pix above of you and Jane is just adorable. Both very talented, beautiful women. OK, I am ready for the online workshop. C'mon Tuesday!

Faith Gaspar

Oh Christy, Your pictures are Wonderful. You look so happy... Glad your fibro didn't get in your way... and you had an amazing time.... Looking forward to all your ideas,



Hi Christy, I loved the She Matters Retreat, I missed getting up to get ready for another great day after the Retreat had finished. It was a great 2 days that were over too soon.


i simply must go next time you're both there.. through donna downey in the mix and i might pop a button!! when is this going to happen! i'll bring my whole family too!! love everything its gorgeous!!


looks fantastic. love janes accent

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