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November 26, 2014



I like them all, but the girl with the candle crown is one of my favorites! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

Courtney Craig

The wooden trees with the girls are freakin' adorable!!However I would be honored to learn any of these techniques!


So many beautiful ornaments! A couple of my favorites are the journal's and Misty Mawn's piece. All really great though. Happy Holidays to everyone.


You are so talented - everything is so lovely! Wonderful giveaway -- thanks!


I love the little Christmas trees on what looks like burlap canvases. Thanks for the chance to win. Hope you had a nice getaway for Thanksgiving!


I Love the card with the tree and the she-art styled people..


Oh my what a wonderful fun filled class that will be and thanks for a chance to win a spot! I would love to join right now but will have to wait till I can have the $$ to do so!I love your work and all the rest of the artists so much! thnx and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Marisa Vandenberg

I think my favourite project is the first image (the journal/book). I love the colours! :D

Carmen Lucero

Sneak Peek Ornament 14 looks very interesting, Christy, I love all of them. Thanks for the chance.

Krystie Brinkley

They all look wonderful!!! I am loving the stamped trees on the book paper. Looking forward to this class.


Thank you for the opportunity. My favorite is the embroider hoop, but I want to try them all!

Becky Kerr

My favorite sneak peek is the burlap tree with the ruler trunk. Cute!


my favorite is the picture on the bottom right!


My favourite sneak peek is the little embroidered hoop of mistletoe!!!!! Everything looks amazing though. I love your classes, and have taken quite a few of them. Just signed up for Behind the Art and also bought one for my friend as a Christmas gift! Very excited!


I am intrigued by the stars and would love to see a larger picture! :) They all look really cool though. Geez...I need to finish watching last year's workshop and make some artsy ornaments. I'm itching to get creative! :)

Krystal Hoover

How can I pick a favorite? When they are all so incredible. Love them all and would love to win a spot in the class.

Trina Weller

I would love to win a spot in this class!! I can't pick which I like best. I love all the stars and also the trees. I can't wait! Pick me! Fingers crossed. :)

Morgan Pankhurst

As always a gorgeous range of projects, I've been fortunate enough to have taken the 2011 and 2012 classes. This year they all look fabulous, I am most excited for the St Lucia portrait.


All of the sneak peeks look interesting but I am most interested in the stars ornaments.
Thank you & Merry Christmas!

Tash Daly

Would love to win a spot in this class, so I will cross my fingers, toes and eyes. My favourite sneer is the burlap tree ornament. Thanks for the chance to win.

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