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November 26, 2014


Rosie Virok

What's not to love??!!! Difficult to choose just one, but the canvases look especially fun. Thanks for continuing to offer this wonderful seasonal class. Can't wait for December 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the embroidery hoop ornament!


I love them all. Thanks for giving us a opportunity to win a spot in the class

Sandie Luck

What an inspirational group of artists and Christmas ornaments!! The class sounds like SO MUCH FuN!!! How wonderful for you to have this give-away!


I loved the ornament class last year and would love a chance again...however with the Canadian dollar soooooo low I will have to sit out this PICK ME....LOL..good luck to all and I'm sure everyone who does take your class will LOVE IT just as much or more than I did last year!
ENJOY everyone, and Merry Christmas.


Love the embroidery hoops and the Christmas Tree - so adorable


Love them all and stars are my fave (stars have personal sentimental meaning for me). :)

Jackie S.

I'm really loving the embroidered mistletoe. There's something about hand embroidery that makes me think of my granny. I love all the sneak peeks! I hope I am able to join you!

Debra Wisinski

I would love to win this!!! The last thing I won was a duck at a local fair! Happy holidays everyone! XO

Lynn Greenberg

Love the Christmas tree ornaments and the stars hanging from hanger. Thanks for a chance to win a place in the class.

Carly Sexton

Hard to choose, but that burlap Christmas tree is oh so cute!!!

Meredith Karr

I would love to take this class. I am taking my second on-line class now and I just took advantage of your workshop sale and signed up for two more. I have had so much fun doing this and I would highly recommend the workshops. I like all of the ornaments, but the one that really caught my eye was the tag with the girl and the tree. You are so awesome; keep on creating!

Laura Strack

As tradition holds, there are way too many cute ornament projects to choose a favorite...but from the photos, if I have to pick one, the shrine is catching my eye. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

Barbara Albrecht

First of all Christy, I'm LOVING the She Girl 4!!! Watching it for the second time and practicing drawing how you do the face!! I would LOVE to win a spot in the 12 Artsy Ornament class!! I'm intrigued by the last set of ornaments...they look like little books to me but not sure...last row, far right. Thanks for the opportunity to dream of a spot in the class!!

Debbie Darnall

My sneak peek favorite is the Burlap Tree, love it!
I would enjoy doing some of these projects. My problem is after major surgery (heart Transplant) I have trouble focusing... Lol it's true. I have followed you for several years now, your work is beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful holiday! I would love to see something for Donate Life, need inspiration.

Suzanne Fernald

This is my first time getting the opportunity to take your classes. Ive had some book marked for a few months. Im looking forward to learning how to sketch faces, the multi media techniques and highlighting fundamentals. I like to learn those special tricks that make a project "POP". Thank you for you're sweet spirit and passion for creativity!

Tami Howse

I made a workshop purchase on the 26th. It's been 72 hrs. and I'm hoping to get an e-mail soon....;)
Fondly, Tami


how do you choose just one amongst all this awesomeness???? I can't do it :) Would love to win a spot in the class! I'll be signing up either way :)

xo and Happy holidays

Christy Hartman

I can't tell you how much I'd love to win a spot in the 12 Artsy Ornaments, I've watched as you began promoting the class with excitement and interest trying to figure out which artist did each ornament. I love matching art styles to the individual. That is probably my favorite thing about your promotion for this class because you are hosting such a talented group of individuals. I love your classes but have also participated in many of the artist classes from this talented group. Thank you for giving away a spot and I hope you pick me.

Lisa Castillo

Love tree with ruler base and the mini embroidery hoops. Thank you for the chance to win!

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