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November 19, 2014


Lou Dahlstrom

I am trying do a page and am soo stuck ....:-( I need help with a focal and learning how to do a whimsical girl and the patchwork skirt would be amazing... Thanks for the chance... Love love love your girls !

Kerry Sinigaglia

I'm not sure if you've drawn this yet, But I forgot to add this: Just incase.
Can't wait to learn all about those head-dresses and feathers. As well as your luscious quilted girls.

Stacy R

I would love to learn how to make these precious girls!

Jennifer Morrison

I would love to learn to explore and embrace color, as I've only experienced it detracting from my art rather than enhancing it :(

magdalena fernandez

WOW I Really really would like to be part of this class! I'm in need of learning of blending colors and making faces more realistic

Paula Collins

I would love to win a chance at this class. I really need help with faces! UGH!! I also love quilts so this class is the best of both worlds. Thanks for chance at a free class.

Dawn Carpenter

Would love to learn the quilt girl techniques.

Amber Sheaves

I'm probably too late for the giveaway :( but I still wanted to tell you that your hair looks fab!!

teresa beg

Can't wait to learn how to paint the quilt girls:)

Colleen o

Well I REALLY need to learn how to add detail to my girl faces. I've taken several of your online courses so I know I will learn new things every time. Thanks for sharing your art and its process.

Sandy M

The art created in your class look amazing. The messages are powerful. I want to get into that spi5 of creativity.


I want to learn some oil pastel, and how to do that beautiful layering! Pick me! :)


I would love to learn how to use the oil pastels because outside of high school art class..which I don't remember much from..I haven't used them but would love to apply it to my art journal since I think it would be less messy and easier to travel with. Thanks for the opportunity.

Jennifer Fox

I would just love to do a quilt girl! Not good at faces so I could learn good techniques for that! Love all your she art!


I like your hair dark! I've taken your other She Art workshops (as well as most of your other workshops) so I always look forward to whatever new thing you have learned or started doing with your art. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in your upcoming workshop!

Melissa -


I love your classes and your art. I'd like to learn how you do the eyes - I just love the flower girl, her face is beautiful.


Hi Cristy! I am just getting back to art after taking a year off for my health. Im rusty, but have been watching videos of previous classes to get back in the swing of things. AND working on Christmas presents….cant wait til the artsy ormaments too! Thank you for your inspiration :)

Vicki Wright

I love to learn new ideas and techniques and how to make them my own. The workshop looks like lots of fun, and I'd love to be able to participate.

Dena Cottrell

Wow I would love to win. I am struggling with drawing faces and coloring them in. I also really like how you added different items as part of her hair. I always make my faves have the same hair and would love to challenge myself to be more creative and less realistic in my drawings/paintings. Thank you for having a giveaway!
Also, I love the dark hair. It really compliments your eyes.

Debbie Manske

I would love to learn more on how to use oil pastels - The quilt girls really speak to me! I have a set and have been hesitant to break it open to use. Thx for the chance to win a spot and GC! This is SO Awesome of you!

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