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November 19, 2014


Pauline Rohrmann

Your classes are always so amazing. Can't wait to see the new exciting approaches you are taking in color and pattern. Hope I win.
P.S. Love the new color for your hair....but I think you are a true blond at heart ;-)

Lori W

Would love to win! I'd love to see what new techniques and tools you're using since my last class with you was a couple years ago!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Ann Bradford

I want to learn how to do eyes!

Ann Kelly

I want to be a She Girl! kkzzmom55@gmail .com

sara j

They are such beauties....when my ship comes in I would love to take a real, live class with you! Not only does it look like great fun, the settings are so seem to think of everything.


I would love to win a spot in your new online class. Thanks for a chance to win

Lee-Anne Thornton

This would be so fantastic to win! I have taken several of your classes!


Love the new paintings! The darker colors are beautiful!

Lorrie Jonas

wow thank you for the chance to win.. Love everything you do...

 dawn louise

I would just love to learn how to create she art, full stop. I love them but every time I try i come away very quickly so I think confidence would be a huge thing to come out of your latest class. plus I would love to be able to pass what I learn to my children. all four are really into drawing but get frustrated as it don't turn out how they imagine it. happy art day x

Linda Richards

AWESOME GIVEAWAY! I would love to learn more about using oil pastels and making faces.

Michele Heitz

Hey Christy! Im looking forward to learning the new technique for the quilt girls.Also looking forward to your cheerfulness and teaching style that really makes me smile. By the way, I am in love with your dark hair. xoxo

Melissa L

I have been wanting to learn to make a She Art girl for a while now. Just beautiful

Mel H

I would love a chance to do some art again, so any technique and idea would be new and helpful..even dedicated time to just paint and explore. Mel H

Peggy Jones

Can't wait for the upcoming on-line workshop. Been playing with colored pencil myself and the thought of adding oil pastels too gets the creative juices flowing.
Thanks, Peggy


I absolutely love the inspiration from all of your workshops!

Jocelyn Orieux

I have yet to take one of your classes and this would be a wonderful way to start. Thanks for the opportunity!


Wow, She Art 4, would love to be in that class! I love your She Art girls and would love to learn to make more.

Sandi McLean

Ooooh...learning new techniques, using oil pastels and pencils! Love the new hair :)

Karlene Boss

I would love to learn how to make the quilt girl!! So cute.

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