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December 11, 2014


Missy K


Just wanted to let you know my earrings arrived today.

Thank you so much. I LOVE them - they are beautiful.

Happy Christmas :)

Karen x

Kaere Schmidt

beautiful job Allie! My birthday is right before Christmas, so we keep pretty busy here. My favorite family tradition is baking Christmas cookies for friends, family, the postman, and so forth. It is always nice to have a little something to give to those who've made our lives easier and more pleasant year round.


Great earrings. Will keep an eye on the shop for future birthdays, etc.
I don't do much for Christmas but the one thing I really enjoy is decorating the fireplace mantle. Getting all my hand made Santas out is fun, and plugging in the lights when I'm done is always magical.


Our family tradition includes several big dinners where each member prepares one dish, and home projections of holiday - related films.
We also exchange little gifts, each member has his own stocking, and anything that can fit inside it can be gifted.
Happy holidays to all,


My favorite holiday tradition is baking day with my mum. We bake for an entire day from morning until night. We made 18 different full batches of cookies this year. We wear the same silly Christmas aprons every year even though they are starting to look at little worse for the wear. It's all part of the day!

Sara Torbett

Beautiful earrings! One of my favorite traditions EVER (although it sounds boring) is decorating the tree. It's just special to all be together, remembering fun things about each ornament.


One of my favourite holiday traditions is a Danish rice pudding with chopped almonds and whipped cream (ris a la mande), that my Mom used to make. There would be one whole almond placed in the bowl and whoever got it would win a little prize. No matter how full we were we had to keep eating until someone got the almond. Sometimes my older siblings would slip it to me, the youngest. I still continue this tradition today with my family. A very merry Christmas to you and yours.


We love to drive around and look at everyone's Christmas lights.

Beautiful earrings!
phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

Mary Gressard

A dear friend of mine made a advent calender with the cutest envelopes. I put little sketches and a scripture verse in each one! So glad the shop is open again. I love all of her sweet works!

J. Moore

I love her earrings! My favorite tradition I actually carried on to my children. We set up a nativity scene and leave the baby Jesus out of the manger until Christmas morning, then whoever wakes up first gets to put Him in the manger. It is a gentle reminder of what this season is all about.

Kim Street

Great giveaway! Her earrings are beautiful. My Mom has one special buld, the Silent Night bulb. As us kids have grown up and moved away, it's now a tradition that the first kid to come visit during tree-trimming time at her house gets to put up that bulb. It's turned into quite a big deal. We also use her red dishes from Avon, even if my sister hosts the dinner at her own home. Mom makes the whipped cream from actual whipping cream, and I make Kim's Famous Sweet Potatoes. :)

Theresa Grdina

WOW! First of all, her shop is lovely!! Her earrings are beautiful and look very expensive!!! :)
My favorite holiday tradition is our Christmas Eve's just the 5 of us. We eat something we love and then usually visit and laugh, maybe play a game. We always watch a great holiday movie and then head to church. It's quiet and lovely.....Can't wait!

Angela Saver

Our favorite traditon is making peanut brittle with the kiddos! These earrings are beautiful!


The earrings are SO pretty!
I love everything about Christmas! I love all the decorations and the flowers and the snow! My favourite Christmas tradition is going Christmas shopping with my aunt in Stockholm. We have done that ever since I was wery little. We did that yesterday actually! She is 71 years old now! She doesn't seem that old (we walked over 18000 steps!) but I realise we wont be doing this for very many more years. But it is a very nice tradition that I will treasure.
Another tradition I have is a Christmas bath in the morning of Christmas eve (the day we celebrate Christmas in Sweden). Some years I have boiled milk with Christmas spices and put in the tub! The smell is gorgeous!!
A tradition that we used to have but skipped for some years (dad got diabetes, it's a bit messy and tricky) is dad's Christmas fudge. It is SO delicious! My mouth is watering as I write! I am actually thinking of taking that up this year. I miss it a lot!
I have enjoyed your lesson in Life Book 2014. You are a very talented artist indeed, Christy!
All the best for Christmas and 2015!



I love Allie's shop! My favorite tradition is baking weekend with my sisters! fun!

Julie Kairl

My favourite Christmas time tradition is having a street party breakfast with all our neighbours. Love the earrings. So colourful

Laura Strack

Oh no, I hope I'm not too late to enter. Love Allie's earrings. She is talented like her Momma!! My favorite tradition is going to a candle light service at my husbands parent's church every Christmas Eve. It is always so beautiful and the true Spirit of the holiday is always shining. Thanks Allie!


Hi christy! My favorite tradition that I grew up with was on Christmas all my siblings would sleep in the same room together. There were eight of us so it was a total party and some of my favorite memories with my siings were on those nights:)
Miss you girl--and ummm yeah I had to enter allie's giveaway! Her stuff is amazing!

Phyllis A. Aberker

Took a peek at Allie's Etsy shop, and loved her earring designs. So pretty!

I grew up in south Florida, so of course, no snow, but my uncle was part owner of a company that delivered ice to hotels and restaurants. The company also had a portable, commercial size ice shaver, and it could produce plenty of shaved ice in record time. You see where I'm going with uncle had one of the driver's come by his house with this commercial ice maker/shaver, and flood his front yard with "snow". My cousins and I, plus a few neighborhood friends, would have the best time on Christmas Eve day. We made snow angels, and built snowmen. The "snow" last a few hours anyway, so that was a wonderful family tradition for a few years. Then family would get together on Christmas Eve for a big dinner, which everyone contributed to. Good memories with family, and family being a key element at Christmas time.

Stephanie F

One of my favorite traditions is getting together with my extended family for a party the weekend of Christmas. We play silly games, eat lots of good food, and take a silly family photo together. My aunts usually surprise us with something funny to wear like big wax lips and Billy Bob teeth, angel halos and devil horns, Santa hats and reindeer name it! We laugh a lot and really enjoy spending time together.

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