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January 21, 2009



wow am I really the first! Got to win for being the first! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Have a fun time at the show and don't forget your camera!

Kim Boken

Oh buy..NEW goodies..Can't wait to see..

Vicki J. Wade

Yay! New products for a giveaway! Count me in, Christy!


have fun @ CHA and can't wait to see what surprises you discover

Leana Lucas

I can't wait to see the upcoming kits!


Hi Christy,
Hahahaha I'm the first !!! Yessss
Kisses from France


I can't wait to see what's coming...have fun in California!

Amanda D

I hope you have an awesome time at CHA!


Have a great time at CHA. Glad you had a good time with your sisters. They are the best!


Can't wait to see the new products - thanks for always being so generous.


Oh, I'm all about product, especially new stuff!! Love Scarlet Line and the monthly kits.

Jana Eubank

Have a great time at CHA!

Susan McGrann

I can't wait to see all the new product. It seems like to long since some new products have been released. It sure will brighten up these cold, winter days.


Can't wait to see all the new stuff coming our way. Have a great time at CHA!


thanks for doing such a great giveaway! have fun at CHA!

Sara Ito

Oh my goodness! I have seen some of the sneak peeks from CHA, and they are GREEEEAAATTT!!! Can't wait to see what's in store!


What a great giveaway! Sounds like some exciting things are about to happen with upcoming kits. Travel safe!


No worries here :) glad you had a great time with your sisters. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us for Feb :)


I am super excited to see the new cha releases!

Debra Davison

I love your website .. It reminds me of my Christmas colors.. I always thought red & green were such plain names for the Xmas theme... So I always used alot of SCARLET & LIME.... Thank you for such a wonderful newsletter...


So good to hear from you!!! Always is!!! I hope you have a great time in California and pick up some amazing product!!! Can't wait to see!!!


Oh CHA is so exciting, I can't wait to see what is new! Check out the MAYA Road Stuff Christie, It's fabulous!

mandie segura

I hope you have a great time at CHA next week, and I'd LOVE to win some product! :)


glad to hear youre o.k. and how fun to have a girls getaway...

melanie brewin

Count me in. Can't wait to see what you have in store.
Mel xx

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