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November 24, 2009


Renee D.

Cute ... cute ... cute.

Can't wait to see the kit too!

Renee D.

Ally White

Well i am definatly thankful that my family is all healthy and together. We've just had a death in our family so it really gets you thinking. Well, the watch bands are really cute, such a great giveaway! And I really want to get my hands on a December Project kit, it looks really cute!


Always luv the sneek peeks and liking Dec kits a lot! Great colour choices. Project kit is awesome!

Katherine M

Ooooh I loooove the watch band kits!! Sooooo yummmmy! Got my fingers crossed you pick me!LOL! I can't wait for the December kit, too. LOVE those colors together!

So much fun!

Mary Ann

I am thankful for so much. A faithful Savior Jesus Christ, My husband and my wonderful kids. Love the watch art!

~ Mary Ann


I love all the different color combinations for the watch bands, so pretty!!


I am thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for when we are able to get together to reconnect. Plus I just love the feel of the holidays!

Carol N.

Gosh, the watches are beautiful! You are so talented. I am very thankful that in this time of recession that my husband is still employed which is enabling me to stay home with my 4 year old daughter. What a fun age she is at! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Nikki Z

WOWZA! Can I just say I'm in love with your watch art? It SCREAMS Scarlet Lime! Love the colors of your watch bands and love, love, love the colors in the december kit! I am thankful that dh and i have good jobs and are in no danger of losing heart goes out to those who have...and I'm thankful for all the wonderful family and friends in my life. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!


I would love to win!

Chris S

That is really cute - thanks for the chance. I am thankful for having the time to enjoy my creative hobbies during the holiday season.

Kathleen Ferris

I love the colors, projects and gallery of artwork in your newsletter. I'm so thankful that a good friend is getting better and recovering from surgery and a stroke. She's even well enough to have Thanksgiving with us! Have a wonderful holiday.

Sara Y

Your watch art is super cute! I just ordered 3 of them to give as gifts. If I win - that one will go to me! LOL!
I am thankful for my family and that I am blessed to have both sets of grandparents in my life.


Those watches are adorable! Thanks for the chance to win. I am so thankful for my life and everything that I have been blessed with!

Lisa S.

I'm thankful for three days off of school for the kids! I love my family.

angela gutshall

Love the looks of the new kit:) I'm thankful for my family, my faith, and our healthy. Oh, I'm also thankful for scrapbooking:) It's my relax time.

ellen s

that was one jam packed newsletter and i loved it!

that rose paper is GORGEOUS! i am thankful that we are all here and healthy. my fil just had major surgery 2 weeks ago and i am so thankful he his still here with us

Stephanie Frisby

I am grateful for so many things, but especially my family and our health. I love the inspiration from Scarlet Lime every month and am really, really loving the watchart! Thank you so much for sharing them with us! I've already put my order in for some Christmas gifts and plan on ordering more. :)

Candace R

I am thankful for transparencies, prima flowers, my sewing machine, paint, and every other creative thing in my life ;) ADore those watches, I may have to go buy one if I don't win ((fingers crossed)


sent dh a link to all the watches on my list:)


I am so very thankful for my beautiful, healthy children, my loving husband and my new job. What else is there.

Christine H

Thankful to still have a job after three rounds of layoffs this year...for my faith, my family, our health, great friends, a son that makes me laugh everyday...the christmas lights my husband put up early when i pouted about it getting dark so early.


love these watches!!! soo cute!


I am so thankful for a happy healthy family :)

Debbie F.

Thankful for my job and the great boss I have that lets me work just a couple of hours a day so I can stay home with my children (for whom I am also thankful- even if 2 are in the terrible twos!)

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