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March 25, 2011


laura huffman

thank you, will go check them out. love pink paisley.


I think that what I love most about sumer is not having to get the children summer and just getting to enjoy them. Have them all to myself... It seems in daily life, I am always feeling rushed.. summertime is the time I get to enjoy the heat of the sunshine on my face, the squish of the sand between my toes and the laughter of my children while enjoying cold and wet watermelon and sipping lemonade... Just delicious!

Keshet Shenkar

What an amazing giveaway! I am in love with this line. So fresh and beautiful and sunny--just like summer! My favorite thing about summer is the sunshine.

Laci M.

Your blog link isnt working.

Angela Gutshall

Loved visiting Courney's blog TFS!!

Kerri Savina

Summer is a time of recouping from the craziness of day to day life. Everything sloowwwss down and everyone retreats to spending many hours outside enjoying the warm of the air and the extended time in the sun. I cherish those few month and cherish this time with my four kids for each day brings a new adventure.. whether it is trying a new ice cream flavor, or jumping into a chilly lake.. you just never know and I know my camera is always with me to capture and treasure those moments.
Kerri Savina
the blog link is not functioning

Maxine Hodges

What a super giveaway! I would love to work with this line.

Maxine Hodges

My favorite part of summer is having the grandsons more. Watching movies, catching lightening bugs and playing Thomas the tank engine. The simple times with them are the best!

The blog link isnt working

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